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Housing Corporation will reveal its next fundraising goal and interior design concept in Fall 2016! More information to come soon!

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TCU Greek Village opening Fall 2017. 

Roar Like A Lion
Let’s help build a new ADPi house at TCU!

For many of us, home for a few years was a sorority house on a university campus. This is the home where we learned all things Alpha Delta Pi; it’s where we became sisters. In 1955 TCU became home for six national sororities. That year Alpha Delta Pi pledged 21 women. Ten years later in the fall of 1964, the university built homes for the Greek organizations. Gamma Chi opened the doors of a new home to approximately 75 women. After Fall Recruitment, 2015, that same house is the home for 240 women! That’s over 1000% increase in people calling the house their “home away from home.” As you can imagine, things are a bit tight in this 50-year old home! TCU plans a New $135 Million Greek Village, including a walking green plan and parking garage. In addition, we need to raise approximately $1 Million to fund needed interior furnishings, desired hardware, technology upgrades and all of the extras needed to make this house the perfect home for Gamma Chi. The sorority houses will be built first and are to open in Fall of 2017. The fraternity houses will open in 2018.

What does “HOME” mean to you? Home is where we grew up; it’s where we built forts and castles in the back yard. Home is where our parents live; it’s where we go back to. Home is where we brought our friends to play, to have sleep overs, to do homework. Home is where we learned our lessons, academic and life; it’s where we learned our values and our ethics. Home is where we became the women we are today.

Alpha Delta Pi and Chi Omega will be neighbors in the new TCU Greek Village.

The New House

  • Four stories (additional living floor)
  • Larger chapter room (up from 800 to 1200 square feet)
  • Expanded kitchen
  • Separate officer floor with single rooms, kitchen, lounge and meeting space
  • Double rooms and suites
  • Dedicated study rooms

By August 2016, all funds must be raised so that plans can be finalized for Alpha Delta Pi’s new home at TCU. Recruitment for the fall of 2017 will be held in the new house! “We live for each other” is our open motto; we hear it and say it frequently to one another. But today we have to live it! Whether you are a Gamma Chi alumna or a sister from another chapter, we all want to see Alpha Delta Pi continue to be FIRST, FINEST, FOREVER. And we want the future sisters of Gamma Chi to have a beautiful, comfortable place to call home.

TCU Worth Hills Chapter Placement

So, shine your diamonds, string your pearls, gather your violets, clasp your hands and
ROAR like the lion that you are –
Help make a new home extra special for Gamma Chi.

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How to Donate

Please help us reach our goal by donating to the Gamma Chi House Corporation today. There are 3 ways to help:

  1. By Check:
    Please make checks payable and mail to:
    Gamma Chi House Corporation
    4455 Camp Bowie Blvd. Ste 114 #22
    Fort Worth, TX 76107
  2. By Credit Card via SimpleRegistry:
  3. By Credit Card via PayPal:
    Send money to Please select: “This is for a good or service” (NOT Friends or Family)

Please note that gifts made to the Gamma Chi House Corporation are not tax deductible.

For questions about donations please contact: 
Shari Tillery Hardin GX ’71
President Gamma Chi House Corporation